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With a huge number of people using social media every day, running effective paid social media campaigns that don’t waste your budget is an art. You’re in safe hands with our team, who are well-versed in getting the most out of budgets of all sizes.

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It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it

With an estimated 3.6 billion people worldwide using social media platforms on a daily basis, making sure your paid social activities are up to scratch is a must.

Our social media specialists work with businesses big and small to devise and implement effective social media campaigns that generate brand awareness and drive new leads and conversions.

Free ad account audit.

Not sure if your paid social campaigns are running as effectively as they could be? Our experts would be more than happy to take a deep dive into your accounts and feedback on how performance can be improved.

Audience research & creation.

We’ll conduct in-depth audience research to identify high-performing targeting options, and use your existing customer data to create highly-effective custom and lookalike audiences, to use in your campaigns.

Ad copy & creative.

Using your best creative assets and our expert team of copywriters, we’ll create ads that perfectly represent your brand, grab your audiences’ attention, and drive demand for your products or services.

Testing & optimisation.

We’ll closely monitor the performance of your ad campaigns and continually test ad creative, targeting options and delivery settings to ensure your campaigns are optimised and delivering the best return on ad spend possible.


If you’re investing in paid social media campaigns to attract new audiences, then you’ll want to make sure you have remarketing campaigns set up. Using custom audience lists, these campaigns only display ads to users who have previously visited your website and are an effective way of converting users who have abandoned their baskets.

Pixel & conversion tracking.

From your FB pixel to your Google Analytics conversion tracking, we’ll ensure everything is set up and running as it should to effectively optimise your campaigns, track your conversions and measure your return on ad spend.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them” 

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Platforms we work with:

There are many social media platforms, each with its own audience base and demographic. Through learning about your target customer and analyzing your competitors, we’ll identify which channels are best placed to help your business achieve its objectives.


Advanced targeting techniques makes Facebook one of the most powerful channels in any social media arsenal.


Another great platform for visual content, Pinterest is ideal for getting your products and services in front of new audiences.


Serve beautifully-crafted visual content to your target audience whilst they’re browsing Instagram.


Reach a highly engaged Snapchat audience with beautiful, compelling ads which work towards your business objectives.


Promote your content, services and products, or make your brand a topic of conversation with a Twitter advertising campaign.


Want to reach younger audiences with creative video content? TikTok is definitely a social media channel you’ll want to consider, with an audience growing by the minute.


Ideal for B2B advertising, LinkedIn ads allow you to target and reach users by job title.


Get your brand’s video content in front of thousands of viewers for as little as £0.01 per view.


Clear cooperation conditions, solid experience and wide expertise create a beneficial foundation for a smooth, quick and successful project implementation. Bearing in mind time and budget restrictions, the most outstanding product is created for individual needs. Hungly chooses the most optimal pricing model for web development to help with business promotion and leverages technology that clients really benefit from.

We strive to turn business ideas into versatile software solutions.

With our extensive expertise, we offer our clients full-cycle software development services of exceptional quality. From cloud computing to CRM & ERP systems, apps or custom enterprise applications — you can count on a wide range of services. Our team applies the full range of modern technologies for software development.

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