Hungly’s press articles consistently rank at the top of Google to provide long term branding power. As exposure and awareness heavily increase your chances of verification across every social media platform, your own priceless blue check is within reach. And it all starts with Hungly.
Once your articles are published you can add key sections to your website like “Featured in Yahoo” or “Featured in Forbes”. More than a vanity metric, connecting your brand with well established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you.

Grow Your Brand & Get Popular

Press is the most effective way to increase your authority on Google. Articles published by Hungly consistently rank at the top of Google and Google News. Nothing closes business deals faster or easier than potential partners, investors or clients searching your name and finding quality articles, on the most trusted digital platforms, that tell your story.

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If you are a celebrity or a corporation and want to spread your word out, this package is best for you.


Opportunity to Brand Yourself

Regardless of your industry, a press release helps your business or organization earn media coverage across the globe and within your community. A professionally written and widely distributed press release can help your company gain coverage in news outlets (both local and not-so-local), trade publications, influential blogs, industry-specific journals, and other targeted publications.

So whether you’re launching a new website, announcing a new tour package, or releasing your latest eBook, a press release gets the word out in the world. Exactly where it needs to be.


Get the Spotlight

Being seen as “the go-to person” in your industry is vitally important to establishing market share and more quality customer or clients.  Once your potential clients trust you, they’re likelier to buy from you. But being an expert is also good for media relations.  Press releases help them realize you are the one they should call on.

By sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy, you will let customers know the 3 key elements that allow you to establish a relationship with them:  who you are, what you do, and why they need you. You also gain the attention of journalists.  Over time, they start to trust you more and give you more media coverage.




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