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Hungly’s eCommerce team consists of web designers, web developers and digital marketers, who have been designing and building successful eCommerce websites for over 15 years.

eCommerce business

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.

We build websites that convert, crafted with your target audience in mind, for a seamless customer journey, so they can find your website with ease, browse your products smoothly, purchase from your website, and become brand-loyal customers.


Handling omnichannel operations and managing physical and digital sales aspects are the primary tasks for web development to solve in e-commerce. It helps to improve customer interaction with goods and services through websites or web applications. More comfortable online shopping, handy payment systems, or cloud computing solutions for increased accessibility — prioritize the customers’ needs by providing an outstanding web experience while also increasing revenue.


Web development helps realize growth potential within the industry, simplify in-house processes, and easily organize production asset management. Along with that, promoting an eco-friendly approach to business as the main vision, not just a trend in manufacturing, can be achieved through digital solutions. Using web development services for business benefits is a win-win situation for both producers and consumers, as it allows efficient resource management and utilization for successful cooperation.


No matter how difficult the launch of the sports product is, it is always worth it, because all of these sport software development projects are being created to make exercising closer and more enjoyable. When implementing or scaling projects in the sport and fitness field, we are always focused on providing the best customer experience. Full-cycle development of any software a sports business needs, and a shared vision of the business values — aspects that create a beneficial project.


Web development solutions for logistics helps to emphasize high performance and long-term commitment, stimulating constant innovation. Companies can become more responsive and automate their logistics services within the supply chain (shipping, storage, distribution, vehicle tracking, and freight monitoring). Cloud-based solutions provide businesses with increased flexibility in various processes and effortless access to the data. Custom ERP systems facilitate control and maximize efficiency for seamless operations within organizations.


Commitment to the principles of transparency is crucial because of all the fears and risks in the banking industry. Our team is ready to instantly implement innovative ideas in projects while maintaining safety as a key requirement in the field. Finding a software development company for banks that is worth investing the time in is difficult, but not impossible. Our team is always thrilled to discover innovative ideas and put real work into their implementation.

We think of your brand as a whole, so it has the power to be memorable, compelling, and impactful.

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Our 12-stage eCommerce process:

Discovery session

We’ll arrange a date for a Zoom or a Phone-call discovery session to find out more about your eCommerce requirements so that we can propose the best solution to achieve those.


Each page will be designed highlighting the required functionality and customer journey.


The site and backend will be cross-browser and device tested with people visiting the site to ensure everything works as expected.

Site structure

Often overlooked, we will ensure the site is structured in a way that ensures your customers (and Google) find what they are looking for.

Front end development

The development team brings the designs to life ensuring the signed-off designs function on your website as intended.

Migration process

Our in-house SEO team will prepare a migration process to ensure we don’t lose any SEO traffic when the new website goes live.

Goals and conversions

What is the aim of your eCommerce website? What is a conversion and how are we tracking it? Questions that need answering before we start designing.

Functionality development

Any functionality such as custom filters, stock or courier systems integration, and hover elements are created to spec.

Launch & Support

Once everything has been thoroughly tested and all parties are happy with the end product, we’ll deploy your new eCommerce website and provide you with ongoing support and maintenance.


Our design team will start creating the basic outline of each page template we require on mobile, tablet, and desktop, paying particular attention to eCommerce conversion paths.

Content load

Content will be loaded, including data imports, text, images, and metadata.


Once the website has been launched the fun really begins. Reviewing helps us measure the success of your eCommerce website against the original objectives set.


Clear cooperation conditions, solid experience and wide expertise create a beneficial foundation for a smooth, quick and successful project implementation. Bearing in mind time and budget restrictions, the most outstanding product is created for individual needs. Hungly chooses the most optimal pricing model for web development to help with business promotion and leverages technology that clients really benefit from.

We strive to turn business ideas into versatile software solutions.

With our extensive expertise, we offer our clients full-cycle software development services of exceptional quality. From cloud computing to CRM & ERP systems, apps or custom enterprise applications — you can count on a wide range of services. Our team applies the full range of modern technologies for software development.

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