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We help you create and carry the same energy and vibe through storytelling and engaging content.

Our dedicated team of creatives works with new and established artists to grow fanbases through culturally-relevant branding. We handle press kits, stage visuals, distribution strategies and everything in between.


We help clients make the most of digital marketing, transforming investment into profit. We know that in a digital-first world, your website, social feeds, and online visibility are crucial pillars of your business’s success, so we’ll never waste a penny of your investment.

Artist Management

​​Focus on your music and perfecting your craft. We’ll focus on making sure it’s heard.

Social Media Verification

Your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Verification is guaranteed! Either you get verified on social media, or we give your 100% money back!

“Hungly’s marketing team far exceeded my expectations on every front, and I have very high expectations. A fantastic experience all around!”
Polina Bright
Visual Artist



​​Exceptional projects begin with a solid strategy. Research, trend exploration, and audience insights help us create a custom strategy to captivate your listeners.

About Us

A single place to share and discover visual content that tells a story.

Our clients benefit from the data and result in the obsession with a digital agency, the brand ambassadorial and ideation of a PR agency, and the resource, scale, and planning of a media agency. And we benefit from our clients’ expertise too.



Call us NFT enthusiasts or culture shakers, we’re a team of crypto creatives obsessed with ETH, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. We’re here to build the future of NFTs for recording artists and make that magic happen.

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.