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Giveaway Promotions

Entry to followers giveaway campaigns. 15k+ Followers growth guaranteed.

Influencer Shoutouts

Boost your sales, reputation and followers by promoting your profile via influencers.

Public Relations

Our press team works on putting together a pitch about your entire life story and secure killer media coverage that ensures your brand gets heard above the noise.


Here at hungly we have the entire solution for all of your social media needs..

From complete content overhauls, to metric boosting, to audience expansion and much more! If you are curious to learn more about how we increase your social media exposure, book a call, fill out a few questions and you’ll get a personalized strategy as well as our 12 quadrants to social media marketing guide on us Following the 12 quadrants of social media marketing is the best way to attempt a social media career, without structure you can put too much time in the wrong places.

To set proper expectations, anyone wanting to grow a social media account must follow these 3 steps to be successful after completing a growth campaign.


Any good venture in history was structured and backed with a plan. provides a complimentary Discovery Call, to ensure a level understanding and create a strategy to follow, before we begin working.



Once the Discovery Call is made and strategy is assembled, it's time to schedule a Growth Campaign. We work within clients budgets so we are able to find a campaign that can work for nearly anyone.



One part of our work is teaching you to utilize the tools and metrics you were given along the journey of your growth campaign. We go over our consistency follow up to discuss social media posts, engagement group educate, and analytics.


Instagram Services

Sit back and relax, while we do the rest!

Facebook Services

Promote your products, company, or even yourself as a celebrity, influencer or an artist.

Artists Management

Complete Artists management from website to social media accounts and everything inbetween

Business Management

Your business needs a push on the internet. Your website needs to be more attractive and social media profiles need to attract more customers.

Growth Campaigns

Grow your following by signing into celebrity and paid campaigns.

Increase your brand authority

Having your name out there in multiple publications helps create a doubtless authority for your brand. Increase the meaning that comes with your name.


Boost your rankings within search engines

Increase the flow of traffic to your brand by increasing your brand's visibility within the Google search engine. Having your name at the top of the search results helps get your name out there.


Showcase yourself or your brand / companies work.

We help you show the world what you've been working on or who you exactly are.



We consult with you first, making sure we can deliver the results you desire and help us learn more about your brand.


We write an article about you or your brand that’s suitable for top tier publications to feature.


The article gets featured in primary publications gaining you or your brand extra traffic and recognition.

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